A BMW Terrace


Location Central Federal District - Москва
City Москва
Year 2019
Typology Floor
Collections Contempora X2
Information Design – Tatiana Kharcenko @tatyanakharchenko

The material for the terrace must be not only aesthetically beautiful, but also functional, because it is outside and therefore exposed to weather conditions. Designer Tatyana Kharchenko has decorated two terraces of the BMW Group Russia with the thickened porcelain stoneware Italon X2. The thickened porcelain stoneware tiles Italon X2 with the non-slip surface is an ideal choice for terraces, as this material has been created specifically for the difficult conditions climatic conditions of Russia and therefore it does not lose its aesthetic characteristics even after many years of use. The perfect grey of Contempora Carbon X2 with an elegant texture and that corresponds perfectly to the concept of the company was immediately confirmed by the clients and laid on the floor (200 square meters) in one night 

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