Residential Comlex in Vladivostok


Location Far Eastern Federal District - Приморский край (Владивосток)
City Владивосток
Year 2022
Typology Floor/Wall Tiles
Collections Wonderful Life, Skyfall, Charme Extra
Information Design: Yulia Vavanova
Realisation: ООО «D5 engeneering»
Supervision: Ekaterina Movchan
Photo: Aleksandra Kondaurova

The interior is dominated by natural textures of stone, wood and marble. Mass-painted ceramic granite with alpine stone pattern was used as flooring in the entrance area, in the halls and apartment corridors Skyfall Grigio Alpino 60×120 with a patinated surface in combination with light-coloured marble design ceramic granite Charme Extra Lasa 60×120 with a natural surface.

The walls are clad in a wood design tiles Wonderful Life Honey 20×160 with the natural surface, making the public areas feel like home from the very entrance. The staircases are clad with grey sandstone effect ceramic granite Wonder Graphite 60×60 with a natural surface.

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