A sunny apartment in Soci


Location Россия, Краснодарский край, Сочи
Year 2021
Typology Floor/Wall Tiles
Collections Terraviva, Millennium, Charme Evo
Information Дизайн – студия дизайна “One-D” ( https://one-d.ru/ )
Фото - Виола Заварзина

The design of the kitchen-living room and hallway relies on porcelain stoneware with a sandstone texture, Wonder Moon 60×60, with lux finishing for the backsplash and matt finishing to ensure a safe, non-slippery floor.The apartment has two bathrooms, each designed according to a different style as requested by the family.

One displays concrete effect porcelain stoneware tiles, Terraviva Dark 45×90 with matt finishing, and Millennium Dust 60×60 and 60×120 with matt finishing. Quite a minimalistic design with the addition of two mosaics: Terraviva Dark 30×30 and Hexagon Dark 25×29.

The second bathroom was decorated with marble effect tiles, Statuario 60×120 with lux finishing from the Charme Evo collection; complemented with stylish Millennium Silver & Black concrete effect tiles, 60×120 matt. The contrast of textures and finishes gives it a very modern feel.


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