An laconic apartment in St. Petersburg


Location Россия, Санкт-Петербург
Year 2022
Typology Floor/Wall Tiles
Collections Loft, Surface
Information Design – Marina Alexeeva (@marina_a_alexeeva),
Photo – Ivan Sorokin,
Style – Diana Remizova

Designer Marina Alekseeva created a laconic apartment in the BauHaus residential complex for a couple who used to often come to visit the Northern Capital. The apartment is quite small (39 m²), but it’s fully functional thanks to smart planning. Hidden storage systems and furniture made to order based on the designer’s sketches made it possible to create a visually clean and open space.

The kitchen-living room shows off a practical flooring made with wood-effect porcelain stoneware, Loft Magnolia 20×160 with matt finish. The kitchen area is particularly neat and cozy, and the wooden slats on the backsplash from Loft Tatami Pepper, 20×80, serve as a bright accent against the snow-white background.

The bathroom features glossy Surface Cristallo 60×120 with lux finish for the walls, recreating the allure of glass, while the choice for the floor fell on Surface Steel 60×120 with matt finish, imitating steel.

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